Environment Recycling

The tyre industry is working to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions throughout the tyre lifecycle.

It touches on LCA's efforts in the tyre industry and the effect of reducing CO2 emissions by rolling resistance of tyres. If you would like to refer to the "Tyre LCCO2 Calculation Guidelines", please click here.

For the purpose of providing consumers with easy-to-understand and appropriate information, based on the grading system (grading system), "rolling resistance performance" and "wet grip performance" are graded and labeled as an industry voluntary standard. This is the system we have formulated.

Tyres can be used for various purposes even after their original role has ended and they have been discarded.

However, for that purpose, proper collection, transportation, and processing in accordance with laws and regulations are required.

As an initiative regardeing ELT , JATMA conducts educational activities on properly disposes of ELT, announces the recycling status of ELT and illegal dumping status of ELT, and operates a restoration support system and "reduce coefficient".

Major tyre manufactures in the world, including our member companies, are tackling various issues toward the realization of a sustainable society.

It touches on the WBCSD Tire Industry Project (TIP) and Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR) as part of that effort.