Introducing the Labeling System

1. Labeling System (Display)

It has been in operation since January 2010 for the purpose of providing more appropriate information to consumers in an easy-to-understand manner. Based on the grading system (grading system), it is a system established as an industry voluntary standard to classify "rolling resistance performance" and "wet grip performance" and label them.

2. Grading System


(RRC) Grade
6.6≦RRC≦7.7 AA
7.8≦RRC≦9.0 A
9.1≦RRC≦10.5 B
10.6≦RRC≦12.0 C


Wet Grip performance
155≦G a
140≦G≦154 b
125≦G≦139 c
110≦G≦124 d


Tyres with a rolling resistance coefficient above 12.0, or wet grip performance tyre under 110 (in comparison with SRTT) is exempted from the scope of this system.

The tyres with a grading of A and above for rolling resistance performance and grading a to d for wet grip performance are defined as "Fuel Efficient Tyres", and uniform mark (right) is marked to promote use.


3. How do you read the label?


■ Fuel Efficient Tyre


Tyres with this label has a AA grade for rolling resistance performance and c grade for wet grip performance, and means that this tyre is a fuel efficient tyre.

■ Non Fuel Efficient Tyre


Tyres with this label has a B grade for rolling resistance performance and b grade for wet grip performance.

4. Meaning of the Label


…Rolling Resistance Performance


…Wet Grip Performance


...Fuel Effcient Tyre


This label may be marked on information providing media (example: tyre label, catalogue, website, etc.) of tyres that have conformed with the Labeling System of Japan Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association Inc., (Guideline for tyre labeling to promote the use of fuel efficient tyres; December 4, 2009) and its evidence data is reported to the Tire Fair Trade Council.


May be punished by law etc., in case the label is non-conformity (false) with this labeling system, or if it is confirmed that the label is unjustly used.

5. CO2 emissions reduction effect

By reducing the rolling resistance of tyres, fuel efficiency is improved and CO2 emissions of automobiles can be reduced.

JATMA is calculating the CO2 emission reductions by using the rolling resistance data of our member companies(full members).

6. Participating Companies

Currently, the following 14 companies are participating the labeling system.

8. The detailed inquiry about this system

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  • Tire Fair Trade Council (related to submission and display of measurement data)

    The Tire Fair Trade Council operates the "Fair Competition Code for Tyre Labeling" and the "Fair Competition Code Enforcement Regulations". Based on this, the business operator conducts a test based on the standards such as the test method for comparative display, and then, when displaying for consumers based on the test results, the test is conducted in advance. Data will be submitted to the Tire Fair Trade Council.